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Example UPC-E symbol


The configuration for the default implementation is:

      <quiet-zone enabled="{boolean:true}">{length:10mw}</quiet-zone>

Message format

  • Valid characters are 0-9
  • Message length must be 7 or 8 characters depending on the checksum mode.
  • Behaviour when checksum-mode is set to auto: If a 7-character message is passed in, the check character is added. If a 8-character message is passed in, the check character is checked.
  • The first character (number system) must be 0 or 1.
  • You can pass in a UPC-A message (12 or 13 characters) to generate a UPC-E barcode. If the UPC-A message cannot be converted to a UPC-E message you'll get an exception.
  • Supplementals are supported (2 and 5 characters). You can add them by appending a "+" along with the supplemental message to the barcode message. Example: 0123413+77