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Hall of Fame


  • Jeremias Märki (primary author)
  • Dietmar Bürkle (EAN-128)
  • Clay Leeds (documentation improvements)


  • Chris Dolphy (POSTNET implementation)
  • Bruno Marçal Dias (bug fixes)
  • Andrew Nelson (servlet improvements)
  • Robert Deeken (update of the Saxon extension)
  • Dimitar Vlasev (custom message patterns)
  • Branko van Abel (various improvements and bugfixes for the barcode implementations)
  • Dan Anderson (POSTNET bugfix)
  • Trevor Spiteri (DataMatrix enhancements)
  • ToM (Codabar enhancements)
  • Kalle Sandberg (improvements for message handling)
  • Didier Donsez (Ant task)

Special thanks to Nicola Ken Barozzi, Nick Chalko and Adam Jack.


Thanks to Outline AG for allowing me to open-source the barcode package I wrote during my employment there. Jeremias Märki

Thanks to Thunderhead Ltd for sponsoring the development of the PDF417, Royal Mail Customer Barcode, USPS Intelligent Mail and DataMatrix symbologies. Jeremias Märki