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Todo List


  • [feedback] Provide feedback (positive or negative) on the barcode package and help make it better. Thanks! → everyone


  • [code] Escape special characters in Code 128 messages. → open
  • [code] Implement Australian Post Customer Barcode based on FourState base implementation. → open


  • [code] Special bitmap generation mode that allows for the narrow bar to match exactly one pixel (smallest possible bitmap to paint the barcode in). → open
  • [code] Optimize generation of 2D barcodes in EPS using monochrome bitmaps. → open
  • [code] Fix problems with the SAXON 6.x integration: XML prolog generated by an XML fragment included in the output stream. (SAXON 6 will no longer be improved. The SAXON 8 extension can take its place. Keeping this item just as a reminder.) → open
  • [code] Implement plausibility checks for configuration. → open
  • [code] Build Playground application. → open